11 insights on Trump’s h1b VISA reforms for Indians.

The new regulation of Trump’s government says that they aimed to prevent the further extension of H1B visa used by Indians IT Professionals.
The new regulation of Trump’s government says that they aimed to prevent the further extension of H1B visa used by Indians IT Professionals.

Trump’s h1b VISA

H1b visa reforms, there is a proposal circulated in the form of as an internal memo by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to ending or rejecting the provision of allowing extension to H1B visa holders, who got approval for green card previously.

As since the Trump government came in January 2018, he objecting for staying in America to other countries people in America now. Trump don’t want specially India Techies. His new polls promise says “Buy American, Hire American” and this forces Lakhs of Indian techies out from America.

Insights which reforms for Indians

1. This new regulation of Trump’s government says that they aimed to prevent the further extension of H1B visa, which is predominantly used by Indians IT Professionals.

2. It aims to impose new restrictions to prevent abuse and misuse of H1B visa, besides ending the provision of granting extension to those who already have a green card.



3. The main purpose to creating a sort of self-deportation of hundreds of thousands of Indian Techies, working in US to open up those jobs for Americans, “It said, quoting a source briefed by Homeland Security Officials.



4. The technology companies depend on it to hire tens of thousands of employees each year from countries like India and China.


5. The H1B visa bill removes the per country cap for employment based immigrants visas.


6. This new form explicitly prohibits replacement of American workers by H1B or L1 visa holders.


7. The Bill seeks to give the Department of Labour enhanced authority to review, investigate and audit employer compliance as well as penalize fraudulent or abusive conduct.


8. H1B visa is a work permit issued to skilled foreign workers in US. This is issued with a presumption that American workers with required skills and expertise are not available.


9. The Bill proposes new restriction to prevent abuse and misuse of H1B visa. It tightens the definition in terms of minimum salary and movement of talent.


10. This would be major catastrophic development as many people have been waiting in line for green card for over a decade, have US citizen children, own a home, “ said Leon Fresco, who served as a deputy assistant attorney general for the justice Department in the Obama administrative who now represent H1B workers.


11. In addition, the High-skilled Integrity and Fairness Act of 2017 prioritizes market-based quota of H1B visa to companies willing to pay 200 percent of fixed wage.






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