10 Alternatives to SEMrush

When it comes to providing competitive data to online businesses as well as digital marketers so that they could improve their decisions related to finance and marketing, the first software that comes in mind is SEMrush. It is one of the best software when it comes to research the competition of business in the market. In this world full of websites, everyone wants to secure the success of their one and SEMrush is a complete collection for search engine optimizations.

It provides you with all the components of the website such as top-rated keywords and samples of various factors such as advertisement, text, media, etc.  You can use this software to research on highly rated keywords, competitions of business, know the industry, etc. In short words, it helps to trace the growth of the business as well as enhance the advertisement strategies of your business.

However, it is not free software and can be only used with a subscription.


So, let us have a glance at top 10 alternatives of SEMrush:


  1. Luminate: If you are aiming to improve the rank of the website of your company by increasing the no of visitors, then Luminate is a perfect software for you. It is an SEO tool which is facilitated by Artificial Intelligence technology. The machine learning concepts of this software provide you with the best components to be delivered to your consumers. With the intelligence of this tool, you can easily collect the key points and trends that you need to know to provide the best experiences to your visitors. This software uses a lot of techniques to get your audience stick to your website such as surveys, data mining, notifications etc. Overall, Luminate is one of the best alternatives to SEMrush.


  1. Majestic: Majestic is another a lovely substitute. What makes it superior of another software is the most extensive database related to search engine optimization tool. This tool crawls a very large number of websites present all across the world. They improvise their database every month and a company can use this to research on hundreds of websites at one go. With the help of this software, you can look at all the essential information about your competitive markets and use these details to improve the website of your company. Like other similar tools, you can get the details like page information, keywords, sample ads etc here too.


  1. SerpStat: It is also a complete solution to queries and analysis of search engine optimization. Their excellent feature is the much detailed information of SERP, i.e., search engine result pages, which website of your domain is on which rank in SERP, how they are gaining this rank and what should you do to overcome the competitor’s ranking and have a better rank from them, all such queries can be answered from the reports that SerpStats. Using these reports you can improve the quality of your website and attract more audiences toward it. Apart from ranking details, you can also get to know about the keywords that the higher rank websites are using. They also provide the essential features of any SEO tools. You can even tell the strategies of your opponents using the intelligence of this tool.


  1. SpyFu: SpyFu is one of the best substitutes of SEMrush. Like SEMrush, it is a powerful tool which can be used for every improvement in search engine optimization, from analysis of keywords to research of PPC. It is an excellent software to point out the useful ideas to generate keywords that can lead to the attraction of more and more visitor to your website and eventually, increase your global search page rank. If you are unable to enhance the appeal of the audience towards your website and wondering about the secret keyword that your competitors are using to boost their website, this software has a unique feature known as Kombat. Kombat list of all the profitable keywords as well as advertised keywords that are used by your opponents. Overall, it is a complete package for SEO.


  1. Optimizely: Optimizely is a ‘subscribe and use’  SEO tool that is used by millions of companies to optimize their website. It finds out the things that visitors of your website like and suggest what changes should be made in order to optimize the website as per your audience. There are various packages in the subscription. But you have to pay for only those packages that you are going to use, not for the complete package. You can design a flexible, optimized and more user-friendly website by using this tool. There are some free trials that you must try to find out whether you need it or not. Salient features are multiple page testing, multiple domain support etc.


  1. BuzzSumo: This tool is also used by a large area of the user for SEO solutions to their websites. The salient feature of BuzzSumo is that it provides you with the best quality content related to any field. This content can be an article, video, link, etc. With this quality based article, you can improve your website and can compare yourself with your competitors. You can pick out content even from social media share using this tool. You have to enter the topic, sort out with given options and your content will be provided by this SEO tool, Isn’t this amazing?


  1. UpCity: The setup of UpCity is quite easy and so is its use. If you want to save a huge amount that is needed for advertisement, you can use this tool. You would have just to pay its fee for subscription and you can boost your website. This tool tells that which keywords that you are using are contributing how much to your global website ranking. Also, you can find the rank of your website as well as your opponent’s. This tool can also be used to find the highly-rated keyword for the business industry. Overall, with the salient features and reports of this SEO tool, you can improve the attraction of your website and eventually, improve your webpage ranking and can overcome your competitor.


  1. Ahrefs: It is one of the favorite tools in the arena of SEO solution. Like other regular tools, you can analyze the keywords, compare with your keywords, etc. If you are trying to rank for particular keywords, you can know its search volume using this tool. The unique feature of this tool is the rating of keywords where you can rank a keyword in the range of 0-100 (0 to the most comfortable keyword where as 100 to the hardest keyword). You can perform a detailed analysis with your competitor’s websites and improve yours with Ahrefs.


  1. Raven Tools: Raventool is an exciting and convenient substitute. It supports conversation between team members too. Apart from it, you can perform various SEO solutions also on this software. You can create and improve advertisement, trace the trends of your industry, research and analyze competitors, etc. The salient feature of this software is that it collects data from various sources such as SEMrush, Majestic, etc. and provide you with the best solution for your website. You can analyze and make effective decisions using this tool along with communicating with the team members on the device itself.


  1. WordTracker: Wordtracker is one of the favorite SEO tool used by millions of users to sort out their SEO queries. It is used excessively for analyzing keywords, tracing webpage rank, comparison with the similar opponents, etc. The salient feature of this tool is its ability to generate highly-rated keywords. It can provide highly beneficial keywords. The notable point is that it consists of keywords from various sources like Amazon, Youtube, Wallmart, etc. apart from Google, Yahoo, etc.

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